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KTCG is an IT-oriented firm of highly expert consultants focusing on process
optimization and application development. Our staff are specialists in the
fields of business and application consulting, application development and
Oracle database systems.

Methodical implementation

The essence of lean, agile and

Our project and service methodology has been developed over more than 10 years as the essence of a variety of IT service management approaches. On the strength of networked best-practise processes of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), our primary project goal is to provide the core requirement in a functional prototype. Based on the experience gathered and the feedback from customers, all the other functionalities are provided in phases. Within these phases, cycles of tests, reviews and valuations are conducted until the full desired functionality is available as a productive entity. The advantage of this methodology lies in the combination of experience of ITIL processes, flexible implementation and adjustment mechanisms for agile methods and controlling the procedural steps and results in a business dministration context.

We support your application

Only those prepared to blaze new
trails will leave their stamp

It is quite natural that competitive advantages are not generated by standard software. If software is seen as a strategic success factor of the company, it must be different, innovative and intelligent. Only on the basis of a detailed understanding of the entrepreneurial mission along with the professional imagination needed for the solution concept can such high customer expectations be fulfilled by external partners. We at KTCG have specialised in the development of complex and sector-specific applications. The high analytical commitment of our consultants in designing the solution combined with a tried-and-tested, system-supported methodology are the success factors of our development projects.


We take care

IT to Business Alignment

E-Commerce and ERP systems are mission-critical applications per se. Ensuring their availability and performance, eliminating downtimes, ongoing optimisation as well as adaptation to new or changing business requirements are therefore vital tasks of the corporate IT system. Our application management service for Oracle E-Business Suite implementations not only optimises the software development and service management processes bringing them into line with ITIL factors, it also integrates the development phases and the subsequent service phases into a common lifecycle and change cycle.